About Matt

An incomplete modal decomposition

Howdy! I'm presently at Nokia, in the IP/Optical Networking business unit, leading the photonic integrated circuit design team. We're building electrooptic chips that go into the telecommunications network that lets you read these words. (I think that's pretty cool and I like bragging about it).

Prior to Nokia, I was on the founding engineering team at Elenion Technologies, a fabless semiconductor startup acquired by Nokia in 2020. Elenion started in 2014 (originally, we were named "Coriant Advanced Technology, LLC") and was a fulfilling journey to see from start to finish. I did my electrical engineering Ph.D. at the University of Washington, designing large integrated silicon photonic circuits. I also spent some time at the National University of Singapore and Institute of Microelectronics, A*STAR in Singapore. I graduated from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA with a B.S. degree in engineering. I still think Harvey Mudd is, hands-down, the best undergraduate engineering program in the country.

For fun, I like to put myself into situations of low-to-moderate-consequence in a natural environment that rely on a combination of my athletic ability and technical skills to escape unscathed. I'm currently in Taos, NM, enjoying the fantastic skiing, rock climbing, and mountain biking the high-desert has to offer.

Email me at m@stre.sh